2007 Anti-Emo Empire!
Top Picks
"Old School Re-releases"

Christ On Parade
"Sounds Of Nature" CD
Neurot Recordings

Stukas Over Bedrock
"Back To The Stone Age" LP
Punk Records

"Punk Rock Singles 1978-1999"
Sudden Death Records

Witch Hunt
"This Is Only The Begining..."
Fistolo Records

"You Only Get One Shot At The Big Time: Obscure Power Pop And Punk 1979-1985"
Wizzard In Vinyl

"Fuggets 1981-1984"
Mad At The World Records

The Dark (Cleveland)
"Scream Until We Die" (Double) CD
Grand Theft Audio

Pax Americana
Musta Lokki

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2007 Anti-Emo Empire!
Top Picks
"New Releases"

No Image
"Demo 2007"
Self Released

"The Greatest Story Ever Told"
BYO Records

v/a Punk Occupation International #14
Pauki Records

"Bowling With Stalin"
Winter Street Records

Concrete Facelift
"Loud Fast Raw"
Overdose On Records

Dropkick Murphys
"The Meanest Of Times"
Born & Bred Records

No Redeeming Social Value
"Still Drinking!"
Dead City Records

Ratos De Porao
"Feijoada Acidente ? International"
Metal Mind Recordings

Ratos De Porao
Metal Mind Recordings

Ratos De Porao
Metal Mind Recordings

Kick To Tha Head
"As We Think...So We Are"
Turkey Vulture Records

When Freedom Dies
"Lasting Impressions"
Unity Underground Records

The Blinds
"On Our Own"
Per Koro Records

"Before The Supply..."
Satan Wears Suspenders

"The Art Of Partying"
Earache Records

"We Are"
Jade Tree Records

"Last Rites"D
I Scream Records

"The Wonderful And Frightening World Of Double Negative"
No Way Records

"Get Loose"
No Way Records

Turn The Tide
"What's Behind These Eyes" 7"
Commitment Records

Up Rights
"Old School Revenge" 7"
Commitment Records

Red Handed
"Wounds Remain"
Rivalry Records

Soul Control
Rivalry Records

" Retox" CD
Cooking Vinyl USA

Bob Burns and the Breakups
"Terminal Breakdown" CD
Gearhead Records

"Success" LP/CD
Dr. Strange Records

Down To Nothing
"The Most" CD
Revelation Records

The Effigies
"Reside" CD
Criminal I.Q. Records

The Voids
"Sounds of Failure, Sounds Of Hope" CD
Dr. Strange Records

"How The West Was Won" LP/CD
Vital Center Records

"Singles/Splits/Demos/Live" CD/DVD
Rodent Popsicle Records

Face The Panic
"The Reclamation" CD
Reaper Records

Far From Finished
"Living In The Fallout" CD
Think Fast! Records

Bad Religion
"New Maps Of Hell" CD
Epitaph Records

Career Soldiers
"Loss Of Words" CD
Punkcore Records

Wednesday Night Heroes
"Guilty Pleasures" CD
BYO Records

Midnight Creeps
"Give the Night a Black Eye" CD
Red Car Records

"Our Impact Will Be Felt: A Tribute To Sick Of It All" CD
Abacus Records

Internal Affairs
"Deadly Visions" CD
Malfunction Records

"Desperation" CD
Rivalry Records

"NewEnglandIsSinking" CD
I Scream Records

"A New Beat From A Dead Heart" CD
Deathwish Inc. Records

Signal Lost
"Prosthetic Screams" CD
Prank Records

True Colors
"Focus On The Light" CD
Powered Records

Monster Squad
"Fire the Faith" CD
Punkcore Records

The Geeks
"Every Time We Fall" CD
Think Fast! Records

Soul Control
"s/t" 7"
Rivalry Records

Get The Most
"Common Goals" CD/EP
Crucial Response Records

Career Suicide
"Attempted Suicide" CD
Deranged Records

"God Is Not With Us Today"
Dr. Strange Records

Only Crime
Fat Wreck Chords

Brutal Knights
"Feast Of Shame" CD
Deranged Records

Fired Up
"When The Lights Go Out" MCD
Youngblood Records