Playlists November 2009

Had the opportunity to co-host on Dead Air last night and spin a bunch of cds that arrived to me after the final Anti-Emo Empire! Broadcast on Sept 3rd.
Katie Vicious has a great weekly radio show, be sure to check it out Wednesday nights from 8-10 PM EST at

The Anti-Emo Empire! Takes Over Dead Air / WSIN 1590 AM!
Wednesday November 11th, 2009

X-Ray Spex- Oh Bonadge, Up Yours!
Mad Sin- Radio Psycho
Koffin Kats- Graveyard Tree Zero
Jello Biafra & the Guantanamo School of Medicine- New Feudalism
Jello Biafra & the Guantanamo School of Medicine- Electronic Plantation
The Action – T.V.’s On the Blink
The Action – Do the Strangle
The Gears – Don’t Be Afraid To Pogo
The Gears – High School Girls
The D.I.’s – Mohawk Vs. DA
The D.I.’s – People Like Me
Charm City Saints – Half Past 10
D.O.A. – Dead Men Tell No Tales
Blitzkid- The Hills Have Eyes
Blitzkid-Return to the Living
Blitzkid- Pretty in a Casket
Blitzkid- My Dying Bride
Blitzkid- Making a Monster
Diluvio- Morto Dentro
Diluvio- Carrozzoni
Diluvio- Silenzio e Calma
Diluvio- Produci
The Black Noise Scam – The Kids In The Hall
The Black Noise Scam- Someone To Trust
Wisdom In Chains – Lost Feelings
Scheisse Minnelli – Tribute To Robby’s Liver
Angleworm – Open Casket Material
Angleworm- Steal This Song
Nation of Thieves- The Silence…
Roxy Epoxy & The Rebound – This Twist
The Nasties- Hate Freaks
The Stuck Ups- Out Of Control
Gewapend Beton – Disaster
Gewapend Beton- De Teef Part III Jesus Christ Superteef
Kill Your Idols –The Edge (Token Entry)
Warzone- As One
Far From Finished –Heroes and Ghosts
Creepin Cadavers – Blue Eyed Suicide
Mad Sin- I Shot the Sheriff
Hellbillys- Rage
No Image- Still Here
No Image – Nutmeg United